HOPE at St. Pius V Counseling and Family Services


Parishioners Roman and Elia appear in a public television news story about domestic violence.

Counseling and Family Services

HOPE at St. Pius V is the pastoral program of St. Pius V parish which promotes healthy families through culturally sensitive programming that encourages personal, spiritual and social growth in a supportive community.

HOPE at St. Pius V strengthens families by providing services for personal enrichment, healthier marriages, and a more peaceful family life. Through HOPE’s programs participants have the time and space to identify and share their common values, improve communication skills, resolve disagreements and conflicts respectfully, and work together to build communities of peace, justice and love.

  • Counseling: St. Pius V has an excellent professional staff of counselors in a program called HOPE at St. Pius V which offers counseling for personal and family problems and spiritual growth. The counselors help people with problems of depression, grief, domestic violence and couples’ relationships (services are available at a moderate cost).
  • Domestic Violence Services: Seven counselors offer individual counseling, support groups, and case management for victims of domestic violence and their children. They also offer counseling and a support group to male perpetrators.
  • Marriage Enrichment: The counselors offer couples classes in how to improve their relationship and grow together.
  • Parenting Skills: Staff offers short courses on developing parenting skills for parents of small children and teens.

HOPE receives funding and support from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Department of Family and Support Services of the City of Chicago and from the Illinois Attorney General.

HOPE helps couples, whether married or living together, revitalize their relationship by providing:

  • Weekly sessions of formation and reflection
  • Access to a weekly support group
  • An option for individual or couple’s counseling

Parenting Skills

HOPE helps parents, whether parenting alone, with a spouse or partner, or in an extended family, strengthen their relationship with their young children and teens by providing:

  • 5-week course for parents of children from infancy to age 12
  • 5- week course for parents with children ages 12 and older
  • 23-week support group to deepen parenting skills

General Family and Individual Counseling

HOPE counselors assist individuals facing:

  • Chemical addictions
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Intergenerational conflict
  • General personal growth

Intrafamily Violence Prevention and Remediation

HOPE helps the whole family (those who suffer violence, perpetrate violence, or witness violence) free itself from violence and heal its wounds through:

  • Individual counseling
  • Support groups
  • Information and referrals
  • Additional social services
  • Child care during group meetings
  • Accompaniment to court
HOPE at St. Pius V
2020 S. Blue Island Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: 312-421-7647

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Archdiocesan Domestic Violence Outreach

A video on our parish’s domestic violence outreach from Religion and Ethics News Weekly

Counseling and other services are supported in part by the Department of Family and Support Services of the City of Chicago and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


[To our visitors: if you are in immediate danger, or are having a health emergency, call 911 or go to any hospital emergency room. If you would like assistance from one of our counselors call 312-421-7647 or come to our office at 2020 S. Blue Island Avenue, Chicago, IL. If you are seeking counseling, to protect your privacy it is best not to communicate with us through the website email. Thank you.

Maxine Davis

We are so grateful to Maxine Davis, who has been working with our HOPE family services program as part of her PhD studies. She has been so impressed with the program that she started a GoFundMe campaign to help support it!

In her own words:

“My name is Maxine Davis and I am a PhD Candidate at Washington University in St. Louis. For the past year I have been living in Chicago and researching the HOPE program. In all of my experience as a social worker studying domestic violence services, I have never encountered such a holistic and impactful program. Research findings indicate that the services provided have an overwhelming positive impact in the lives of those seeking help. It is vitally important that this program gets the funding needed to continue services! Help spread the word!”

Thank you, Maxine, and thank you to all who support the individuals and families we serve! You can donate to this campaign here: https://www.gofundme.com/stpiushope

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