Ministry Groups

Young Adult Ministry: “Adulting in Pilsen” is a movement of young adults gathering once or twice a week at St. Pius V. We’re in our 20s & 30s and we talk about life and how it fits in with our Catholic faith. We grow via conversation, community service and laughter. Join us! More information is available on our Facebook page.

Ministry to Older Adults: Our parish recently formed a group for older adults to celebrate and support their presence in our community of faith. The group meets monthly for fellowship, education and information sessions, shared activities, and field trips. For more information please call our parish office at 312-226-6161.

Social Action Committee: The Social Action Committee organizes actions for social justice, such as comprehensive immigration reform, neighborhood cleanup, curtailing community violence, etc. The Committee also offers a course in personal and social development to develop community leaders.

Christian Base Communities (CEB): St. Pius V invites all people to join a small Christian community where they meet in homes and share their faith and reflect on their lives in light of the Gospel. Participants come to know and support each other and work together to improve their community.

Guadalupanos: The Guadalupano Group promotes devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe and organizes her novena in December.

Charismatic Renewal: The Charismatic Renewal Group organizes the Circle of Prayer every Friday in church. The ministers meet in a vigil on Thursdays to pray and prepare for Friday services.  The Group organizes several weekend retreats each year.

Contact us for information about any of these ministries: 312-226-6161.

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