With All Your Heart/Con Todo Nuestro Corazón

Several years ago, we engaged as a parish in With All Your Heart, a process of deepening our prayer lives and our participation in the life of the Church. While that process has ended, we leave these resources available on our parish website for those who wish to benefit from them.


Here are the resources from our Sunday bulletins to accompany your prayer and sharing for With All Your Heart/Con Todo Nuestro Corazon. In English and Spanish.

A Heart to Serve/ Un Corazón Para Servir

Presentations – Signs of Thanksgiving

The Presentation of Jesus

Spirituality and Commitment

Giving Back to God

Having a Heart to Serve

The Temptations

Transformation through Service

Obstacles to Transformation

Seeing with God’s Light

Overcoming Blindness to Live in Christ’s Light

Lazarus: Overcoming Fears and Insecurities

Celebrating Christ’s Saving Work

The People Receive Their Lord

Easter Sunday: Confusion Becomes Joy

A Community United in One Heart

The Risen Christ: Source of Peace

Reflecting on the Source of Peace

The Good Shepherd: Trust and Security

Reflecting on the Good Shepherd

A Heart to Pray/Un Corazón Para Orar

How do you pray?

The Importance of the Mass

The Community Celebrates Christ among Us

Some Thoughts on Prayer

How Do You Pray?

The Bible

Using the Bible for Prayer

The Saints

Praying with the Saints

Praying for the Dead

Learning to Pray for the Dead

Finding a Place to Pray

Praying at Home

Participating in the Mass

Being an Active Catholic

Praying for the Kingdom

Learning to Pray for the Kingdom

Prophet of Hope


John the Baptist and Juan Diego

Messengers Sent by God

Las Posadas

A Ceremony of Welcoming

Mary’s “Yes”

Saying Yes to God

Epiphany of the Lord

Baptism of the Lord

What about Racism?

Permitting God to Direct Your Life

Come and See

Committing to a Heart to Pray

This post is also available in: Spanish