SPRED: Religious Education for Persons with Disabilities

Faith Formation and Sacramental Inclusion for Children and Adults with Special Needs. The goal of SPRED is to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities develop an awareness of God in their lives; an awareness of themselves as persons of dignity who are loved by God; and an awareness of themselves as an integral part of the parish community as well as the entire Church. This is accomplished through meaningful relationships within a small community of faith. The quiet, sacred place; the bonds of friendship; the sharing of life experiences; the proclamation of the Word; and the liturgical/sacramental celebrations help each person discover the gifs and the needs of every member of the small community of faith. This program never ends. We have groups for 6-10 years old, 11-16 years old, 17-21 years old, and 22 and more.

St. Pius has offered this program for more than 20 years. It is the only parish in this area offering it presently. This is why the need grows each year, as many families come with disabled members seeking this service here. We always are in need of new volunteers. These volunteers offer 2 hours each week, and they meet 24 times between September and May. 12 sessions are with catechists, and 12 sessions with their special friends. In addition, there are special liturgical celebrations during the year. No experience needed, only a genuine desire of creating a meaningful friendship with a child and with everybody in the group.

For more information on the program please call 312-226-6161.

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