Summer Vacation: Time to Refresh “El Sótano”

Painting has begun in the St. Pius V Church Hall. It’s the first phase in a plan that includes refurbishing the bathrooms and the windows as well.

“After the church itself, this place is at the center of our life as a community,” said Father Brendan Curran, OP, the pastor of St. Pius V. “It’s wonderful to see parishioners working together to renew the space in which we spend so much time as a celebrating, learning, and serving community.”

It is truly a multi-purpose room. The school children refer to it as the “gym-ateria” where they play and eat. It’s used as well for religious education, parenting and couples programming, dances and dinners. And it becomes a soup kitchen and food pantry on alternating days of the week

The renovation is a communal project, with various parish organizations taking turns preparing and serving food in the hall on Sundays after Mass in order to cover expenses. Donations from local vendors are keeping the costs down. The paint has been generously provided by the Juan Carlos Montes Corporation.

Want to be part of the action? Join us for a meal after Mass on any Sunday, July 28-August 25, or make a donation to the project. Contact Father Brendan or Father Chuck for more details.

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