We are happy to introduce to you the new St. Pius V Parish logo! You will begin to see it used more frequently over the next few months as it becomes a part of our parish identity as an expression of our mission and community. Want to know more? Keep reading!

About the logo

Here at St. Pius V we fulfill the Gospel mission to bring good news to the poor and the oppressed with the help of the Holy Spirit who works within each of us and our faith community. The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit and takes on the character of the parish. The Spirit bursts forth from within the community, carrying good news to all who will hear.

Within the dove is a spiral of deepening spiritual growth and personal transformation, hallmarks of the pastoral work of our parish. The tail feathers symbolize the waters of our Baptism, through which we are made one with Jesus Christ and one another.

The bright ring signifies our communion with the universal church, the community within which we work to build God’s reign on earth, and the always-present light of Christ.

“We’ve recognized for some time the need to update the image we use to tell the world who we are and what we do at St. Pius V,” said pastor Father Brendan Curran, OP. “This image captures the spirit of the parish and our mission to accompany God’s people as they grow in faith, strengthen their families and build the reign of God in the world.”

We hope you enjoy the life, energy, and color the new logo brings to us as much as we do. The design was created for us by Andy Kenny of Andy James Design who was generous in his commitment to the project. Thank you Andy!

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