St. Pius V Church part of Band’s Success

The Waukegan-based band, Grupo Espolon, has a new album out and their first music video features St. Pius V Church. Bajo tu manto, was taped at St. Pius V in November. The video is now available on YouTube.

“This exciting new band asked to tape their first music video at St. Pius V out of respect for all that we do for the immigrant community,” said the pastor, Father Brendan Curran, OP. “The song, under your mantle, in English, tells the story of how an elder taught a child the importance of remembering Mary’s love for the outcast and the immigrant. I’m pleased that we could help the band honor their love for Our Lady of Guadalupe in this way.”

St. Pius V Parish was founded to serve Irish immigrants in 1874 and has continued that tradition for more than 140 years. The parish ministries include an elementary school, after school program for youth, leadership training for teens, religious education, including a program for children with disabilities, and the largest parish-based domestic violence program in the country. Donors who wish to support the ministries of the parish can make a donation here.