Video Series: The Eucharist – Sacrament of Christ’s Incredible Love for Us

Dear Friends,

The amazing Catholic Faith that God has so generously given us contains inexhaustible mysteries that can be explored with great profit. We do well always to deepen our knowledge and love of these sacred mysteries. As the shutdown continues, we are excited to offer you an opportunity to explore the Faith more deeply together as a group ​via​ social media.

Our topic will be the Eucharist – the Sacrament of Christ’s incredible Love for us, and we will use a four-part video series that will form the basis of our discussions: once per week for four weeks. The Blessed Sacrament is the greatest Gift God has ever given us, and the more we unlock its treasures, the more our hearts can drink from the streams of grace that are hidden therein.

In order to access the video series, sign up for an account at ​​. (You will have free access for seven days; if you wish, you can continue for $10/month. A subscription gives you access to an incredible volume of Catholic material – bible studies, documentaries, movies, audio-dramas, e-books, ​etc.)​ The series we will study together is available in both English and Spanish. For English, click on ‘Programs’ then ‘Sacraments,’ and then select ​Presence: the Mystery of the Eucharis​t. For Spanish, click on ‘Español’ then ‘Programas,’ and then select ​Presencia: El Misterio de la Eucaristía​.

We will follow this schedule:

  • On ​Tuesday evening, May 26th, 8 – 9 pm​, we will have a group discussion of ​Session 1: God is With Us​. Please watch the video sometime ​before​ the discussion. Fr. Timothy will lead the discussion, and participants can ask questions or offer comments. The conversation will be bi-lingual. In order to join the discussion, use Whats-App and click on this link: ​​ (It might be easier to do so from the Whats-App website on your computer.)
  • On ​Tuesday, June 2nd​, 8 – 9 pm, we will discuss ​Session 2: The Story of the Eucharist​. (Again, please watch the video before the discussion. We will use the same conversation site in Whats-App from the previous week.)
  • On ​Tuesday, June 9th​, 8 – 9 pm, we will discuss ​Session 3: Bread for the Journey​. (Please watch the video before the discussion.)
  • On ​Tuesday, June 16th​, 8 – 9 pm, we will discuss ​Biblical Foundations with Dr. Tim Gray.​ (Please watch the video before the discussion.)

If you wish, you can also download the study guide. Those who do not wish to purchase a one-month subscription to FORMED can watch all four episodes in the free seven-day trial period. However, it would be advantageous to watch each episode the day before the discussion so that it is fresh in your memory. This is up to each individual.

As we continue to await the day when the Church can re-open, this study will give us an even greater appreciation for the treasure Christ has given us in the Blessed Sacrament; this way, when it is once again possible to attend Holy Mass, our hearts will receive the Eucharistic King with longing, love and joy.

God bless you, and know that you are in our prayers!

— The St. Pius Team

This post is also available in: Spanish